Regenerative Products

Freeze Dried Bone Allograft Cortical w/ Cancellous, 200-850um powder
Freeze Dried Bone Allograft Cortical, 850-1500um chip
Neomem® Collagen Membrane, 15x20
Neomem® Flex-Plus Collagen Membrane
HeliPLUG® Collagen Wound Dressing
PTFE Surgical Sutures, 12/pk
Titanium Mesh
Saline - 500ml
BD Vacutainer White Cap w/ no additive (50pk)
Vaculet Blood Collection Butterfly Needle with 12"tubing (50ea)
Exel Syringe w needle (100 ea)-20 Guage
Vacutainer Tube Needle Holder (50 in box)

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