Protective Face Shield Set FAQ

Q: Where can I buy the protective face shield set?

Q: What country are the shields made in?
A: Made in China to protect Americans! Also, FDA registered and approved.

Q: Have you donated any to hospitals?
A: Not yet but we are in talks with several hospitals and we intend to. Let's get it done!

Q: How durable is the plastic?
A: The shield is made of thin plastic giving it flexibility in movement and making it lightweight. Technically, the shield is as durable as plastic is. The only concern is if you continually scratch the plastic, it will reduce visibility but not to worry, you have 9 additional shields you can swap in at any time.

Q: Where are you located?
A: DMZ Dental is strategically located on both coasts of the USA in Los Angeles and Boston

Q: Do these work with loupes?
A: Yes, they work well with loupes but the light will not fit

Q: Are these reusable?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Do you have to be a member to order?
A: All our products are open to the general public BUT members do save 20% of their entire purchase!

Q: How can I clean the visors?
A: Use some rubbing alcohol or other disinfectant spray with some warm water

Q: What is the shield made out of?
A: The shields are made of PVC plastic, a material commonly used in face shields across medical facilities

Q: Can I buy separate replacement shields?
A: Due to the limited supply, we only offer sets (visor+shields). Over time, frames can be worn down.

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