Allograft Cortical/Cancellous, 250-1000um


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      This graft is a mixture of mineralized, freeze-dried, cortical, and cancellous bone chips of 250-1000 microns. The cortical component provides structural integrity ensuring adequate spacing. The cancellous component's porous architecture promotes osteo-conduction and rapid revascularization. Applications include extraction socket grafting, implant placement grafting, and ridge and sinus augmentation. 

      All grafts are subject to extensive clinical testing and conform to the highest standards of sourcing, manufacturing, labeling, and quality control.

      Due to federal regulations, sales of products with a limited useful life expectancy, such as biologicals, membranes, tissues, grafts, etc. are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. Please ensure that storage of such products comply with the requirements as printed on the labels. Grafts are certified against disease according to FDA guidelines and standards.
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    • Variant: 0.5cc
    • SKU: Raptos 0.5cc

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