Implant Torque Wrench (contra angle) Tool


  • Product Description

      • Latch type hand piece
      • Fits any handpiece-type implant driver
      • Finger tip rotation easily tightens or loosens prosthetic screws
      • Easy adjustment knob to precisely adjust & control torque (10Ncm - 40Ncm) 
      • Right angle implant torque wrench allows for easy to access implant components in difficult to reach posterior areas
  • Product Details

    • Variant: Default Title
    • SKU: MTD-02

Product Details

Why you need an Implant Torque Wrench Tool

A frequent complication in implant dentistry is prosthetic screw loosening, and loose screws can lead to further complications, such as screw fractures. The best way to prevent screw loosening is to optimize the delivery of the torque value. This can done with a torque wrench that features precise torque measure control.

The Right Angle Prosthetic Torque Wrench driver makes it easy to access and manipulate posterior implant screws and abutments, in the mandible or maxilla. The torque attachment ensures precise control from 10-40Ncm. Because it’s manually driven, there’s no need to connect it to a handpiece. It will fit any handpiece-type driver, both latch type or push button type.

How to use the Implant Torque Wrench Tool

IMPORTANT The video below shows a push button driver. We have now changed this to a latch-type driver. However, the functionality and instructions are exactly the same for both types.

Hygiene and Maintenance

  • Never immerse the torque wrench in any kind of solution
  • Never clean the torque wrench in an ultrasonic tank
  • Clean the device immediately after an operation
  • Only use disinfectant solutions with a neutral or slightly alkaline PH
  • Do not use sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as there is a high risk of corrosion


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