Magnetic Lateral Sinus Lift Kit


  • Product Description

      The Magnetic Lateral Sinus Lift Kit minimizes risk allowing for effective and safe sinus lifts with the lateral approach.

      Kit Contains:

      • 4 Lateral Drills, including 2 Magentic reamer drills
      • Diamond Drill
      • Remover (to help separate parts of the magnetic drills
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    • Variant: Default Title
    • SKU: MLA-01

Product Details

Sinus Lift Lateral Kit Components


This kit features 2 Magnetic Sinus Artificial Intelligence (MASAI) Drills . MASAI is an advanced system which allows you to drill clean and deep into maxillary bone without damaging surrounding sinus membranes. This is achieved thanks to a unique magnetic safety system that executes a safe cutoff by separating the bit via a magnetic force.

Key Features of the Lateral Magentic Drills

  • The blade of the diamond MASAI drill provides excellent cutting, but has grooves, preventing damage to the membrane, even if the drill touches it.
  • The MASAI drill has a rim to prevent sinus penetration, after the bone has been punctured.
  • Most importantly, the MASAI drill features special magnets which separate once the drill passes the bone. Once the magnets separate the drill will cease to turn.

Demonstration of lateral reamaers and drills

These drills use a unique magnetic safety system for safe drilling of maxillary bone.

Magnetic Sinus Artificial Intelligence (MASAI) drill

How to use the remover tool to separate the Magnetic Lateral drill

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