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      An essential tool for immediate load, AOX-type cases, implant retained dentures, dentures, full mouth reconstruction, and snore guards.

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Product Details

Ergonomically designed, based on the golden proportion principles of human facial anatomy, results in a level of accuracy and consistency which cannot be rivaled by strings, markers, or Boley gauges. When used in tandem with a doctor’s knowledge and experience, this tool provides incredible value for a practice. This tool allows doctors to quickly and accurately determine a patients VDO (Vertical Dimension of Occlusion).

How to Use

According to the theory of Dr. Willis, the size measured in picture A is 7.2cm, which is equivalent to the size of picture B. In the case of patients with edentulous , the difference in length between A and B determines the thickness of block arch and tooth size.

First, measure the distance between the center of the eye and the commissure of the lip using the two straight, extended markers. Next, tighten the bolt to lock the measurement into place. Finally, by use the other side of the gauge to place the friendly, rounded edge both under the nose and chin. If the the curved chin marker fits snugly under the chin, you have accurately captured the patient’s VDO.

Note: ensure that the curved chin marker is in contact with the chin otherwise the patient is overly closed. If the curved chin marker is short of the chin, the patient is overly open.

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