TG Infrared Thermometer

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  • Product Description

      TG Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is an advanced technology product, which can measure the temperature of a human body by receiving the infrared energy emitted from the forehead of the human body. The Thermometer has mainly 4 following components  - Scan Button, LCD Display, Battery Cover, Function Buttons. It is Ultra Fast and Accurate.
      • Power Source: 2AA Alkaline Battery
      • Features
        • Fast measurement less than 1 minute
        • Accurate Upto +-0.36 F
        • Fever Alarm > 100.2F
        • Measuring Distance 1 to 15 cm
        • Can store up to 32 Readings
        • LCD Display
        • Measurable in both Celcius & Fahrenheit
        • Measurable mode: Body, Surface & Room

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